Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge

At Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge in Hluhluwe there are 31 rounded ethnic huts, housing twin rooms and double rooms, arranged in a circle around a central cattle kraal to resemble a traditional Zulu village. 

Exteriors are designed to reflect the different tribes of Southern Africa – Zulu, Swazi, North Sotho, Xhosa, Venda, Tsonga and Ndebele. Comfortable interiors reflect the rustic, warm colours of Africa – burnt oranges, rich reds and deep browns. Each unit includes an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, telephone and tea/coffee making facilities.

Gooderson DumaZulu Traditional Zulu Village

Experience traditional KwaZulu-Natal hospitality at Gooderson DumaZulu Traditional Zulu Village, South Africa’s biggest cultural village. Watch as locals make spears, shields, baskets and clay pots. Peek into the world of the sangoma and have a one on one reading. Experience the rhythmic drumbeat and dance of Africa. Taste Zulu beer. Watch the throwing of the bones…

Situated in the heart of Zululand near Hluhluwe, Gooderson DumaZulu Traditional Zulu Village is as much a living cultural museum as it is a natural and therapeutic outdoors environment for guests to reconnect with nature. Cultural guides give guests a rare insight into local customs.

Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge also offers game drives, and variety of tours so you can experience the true richness of the Kingdom of the Zulu.

Gooderson DumaZulu Bird and Reptile Park

Gooderson Dumazulu Walk Thru Bird and Reptile Park is the largest free flight aviary in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Our Bird and Reptile Park has been officially unveiled by His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu in March 2014. Read more about this event in this article from Zululand Observer.

Enjoy the birdlife in their natural habitat as you wander through the 3000 square meter wonderworld which includes an elevated walkway, waterfall features and seated areas amongst local Fauna and Flora.

Our wonderful collection of winged friends includes Split White California Quails, Black Swans, Cape Teal, Stone Partridges, Silver Pheasants, Eared Doves, Diamond Doves, Cut Throats, Superb Starlings, Red Factor Canaries, Gooderson Dumazulu Bird and Reptile Park, Hluhluwe Jawa Sparrows, Pied Jawa Sparrows, Ribbon Finches, Von Deacon Hornbills, Brown Bahama Pintails, Blue Winged Kookaburra and many more.

Once you have walked through out Bird Park, you will enter our Reptile Park where you can encounter our amazing collection of crocodiles, spiders, snakes and frogs and learn about their habitats and reasons for existence. Overcome your fears and learn to appreciate their beauty.

Once you have finished this scaly learning experience, you once again have the privilege of walking through the aviary, but this time on ground level so that you can explore the Ground birds and ducks in their habitat, whilst the other birds fly overhead.